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Wheel Care

4x4 Wheels
Aftercare of your alloy wheels is essential in order to keep them looking new. There are many specialist cleaners on the market however we don’t advise using them as many will contain a mild acid, which will in fact damage the surface of your wheels.

The most effective way to clean your wheels is using mild soapy warm water; do not allow the water to dry, dry them using a lint free cloth to avoid water spots. And most importantly, avoid car wash wheel cleaners at all costs.

Give the wheels a coating of good quality car polish back and front to help prevent the road salt, brake dust and dirt “keying” to the surface on first use. There are also specially formulated wheel wax’s which you can use to clean, restore and protect the wheels against break dust and moisture.

Cleaning regularly is extremely important. How often you do so depends on the environment, road hazards and weather conditions. If you are in a harsh winter environment where salt and chemicals are used to de-ice the roads, it’s more important to clean the wheels frequently.